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What really matters is what you like- not what you are like. Books, TV, Films: these things matter. High Fidelity


Life is about surviving things, appreciating nature, nurturing kindness & friendship, and dancing. - Adam (Only Lovers Left Alive)


To have compassion for a character is no different from having compassion for another human being. - Thomas William Hiddleston


If you believe in Odin and Thor, people laugh themselves to death. While it’s okay to believe in a man who turned water into wine, and walked on water. - Mads Dittmann Mikkelsen

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"If you took Scarlett’s career from her tomorrow, she wouldn’t change. If you gave her an Oscar, she wouldn’t change. She is who she is."

Chris Evans on Scarlett Johansson

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No one can make it alone now. I never could.

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• Tom Hiddleston alphabetDancing

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when it’s too much even for your own standards

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Old picture, but I love that hat

everything about this is perfection

For once, one of his own personal outfit picks looks really good

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The UK is so ready for the second course!

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hannibal ladies

It’s hard to be your own person when you can’t get out of your own head.

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w wh at 

"Hi. My name’s Hugh, and this will be my first time doing porn."

"Are you nervous?"

"Ha, um, kinda…well, no not really. I’ve done stuff on camera before."


"why don’t you show us your body. do a quick turn"

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This Week on Hannibal: No Shirts

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a very important gifset

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